Polokwane, 16 May 2024 – Polokwane Municipality has successfully completed a project aimed at promoting sport tourism in the province.



Through extensive renovations, the municipality has rejuvenated 15 tennis courts within the city and an additional 2 courts in Seshego, setting Polokwane’s position as a hub for athletic excellence and leisure activities.



The need for renovating tennis courts and other sport and recreational facilities cannot be over-elaborated as these spaces serve as vital community assets, nurturing physical activity, social interaction, and a sense of belonging among residents.



Tennis South Africa’s approval of the renovated courts to host national and international events is a proof to the quality and standard of the upgrades. This endorsement not only showcases Polokwane’s readiness to welcome athletes and visitors from across the globe but also opens doors to economic opportunities and cultural exchange, further enriching the fabric of the community.



Executive Mayor, Cllr Makoro John Mpe, expressed his satisfaction with the renovations, highlighting their significance in driving Polokwane’s development and growth. “The transformation of these tennis courts signifies our municipality’s keenness to providing world-class sporting facilities for our residents and visitors,” Executive Mayor Mpe remarked. “By investing in projects like these and creating an enabling environment for investment through initiatives such as land donations, we are laying the foundation for sustainable development and prosperity in Polokwane.”



The renovation project, costing just below R5m, included essential enhancements such as high mast lights for night games, fencing around the playing area for safety and security, practice walls, and upgraded playing surfaces with new nets. While these improvements mark a substantial step forward, there is acknowledgment of the need to further develop ablution facilities and expand parking areas to accommodate larger crowds effectively.



Polokwane Municipality remains steadfast to improving its sport and recreational infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of its residents and visitors. Through continued investment and strategic partnerships, the municipality aims to unlock the full potential of Polokwane as a destination for sport tourism.