In the face of water shortage issues, Polokwane Municipality has embarked on a proactive initiative to ensure a more reliable water supply for its residents. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the municipality has made a decisive move to prioritize the drilling of boreholes as a strategic solution to augment water resources.


The decision to focus on borehole drilling comes as part of a comprehensive strategy to mitigate water deficits and ensure the sustained provision of this essential resource to communities across Polokwane. The municipality has wasted no time in initiating this vital project, with boreholes already being installed in strategic locations such as the Extensions augmenting water supply to Legae la Batho, Luthuli Park, and surrounding areas.


Today, Polokwane’s Executive Mayor, Cllr Makoro John Mpe, accompanied by Member of Mayoral Committee on Water and Sanitation, Cllr Motlogeleng Alfred Moakamedi, personally inspected the newly drilled and equipped boreholes. Their presence emphasized the municipality’s commitment to transparency and accountability, as they briefed both councillors and the public through various media and communication channels.


“We are using every available means to enhance our water supply,” remarked Executive Mayor Mpe during the site visit. “The drilling of boreholes represents just one of the proactive steps we are taking to address water scarcity in Polokwane. Our goal is to ensure a reliable and sustainable water supply for all residents.”


The boreholes installed in the Extensions area alone are expected to contribute an additional 2 megalitres of water to the municipal system, a significant boost compared to current production levels. Executive Mayor Mpe emphasized that these efforts are part of a broader strategy to tackle water challenges comprehensively, with plans to replicate similar projects across other clusters in the municipality.


However, the municipality is not only focusing on short-term solutions. Cllr Mpe highlighted ongoing efforts to address systemic issues such as cable theft, which poses a significant risk to water infrastructure and service delivery. Additionally, he provided an update on the progress of the state-of-the-art water plant in Seshego, slated to commence operations by April 2024.


“On a larger scale, we anticipate the official opening of the new plant in Seshego next month,” he announced. “Furthermore, we are actively planning for the replacement of aging infrastructure along the Dap Naude line. Our commitment to addressing water challenges in Polokwane is resolute, as evidenced by our prioritization of water-related initiatives.”


In conclusion, he reassured the residents of Polokwane that the municipality’s agenda remains steadfastly focused on water security. “Water, water, and water – these are the priorities driving our efforts,” he affirmed. With bold initiatives such as borehole drilling and infrastructure upgrades, Polokwane Municipality is laying the foundation for a more resilient and water-secure future for all its residents.


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