Polokwane’s Businesses Profile

Polokwane Business Profile


Since a new democratic government was formed over 11 years ago, the foundation for growth, development and upliftment for all members of the Limpopo public as well as investors, has been established.

Limpopo’s economy continues to grow at a rate that exceeds that of national growth, and the impact that the province’s growth is having on South Africa as a whole is one that has captured the interest of investors in all sectors.

Strategically situated at the northern tip of South Africa, Limpopo, with Polokwane as its business capital, has easy access to African markets and borders Zimbabwe, Mocambique and Botswana.  This fast growing province boasts the world largest reserves of platinum, vanadium, chrome, titanium and copper.

The moderate climate and magnificent natural environment, wildlife and archeological sites offer innumerable tourism opportunities and the continued interest in investment in this sector has seen the establishment of new venues, development and upgrading of the game industry . The discovery of world renowned archeological sites and the Transfrontier Park continues to attract tourists from around the world throughout the year.

It is one of the wealthiest agricultural regions in the Southern Hemisphere and currently supplies a large percentage of the countries fruit and vegetables.

The adoption of the Provincial Growth and Development Strategy (PDGS), which provides the framework for programmes that advance the growth of the economy, which not only attract considerable investment, it has seen the improvement of living conditions for the people of Limpopo and the creation of jobs in an area where unemployment was the highest in South Africa.

With targets and clearly defined objectives, the PDGS, using the wealth of agriculture, tourism and mining has put Polokwane and Limpopo in the spotlight and the area has become the favoured investment destination for those who recognize the many untapped advantages that there are on offer.

Capricorn District Municipality (Polokwane and surrounds) which is the nerve centre for the regional economic development saw the opportunity for growth and its concentration and strategic planning to upgrade airport services, rail stations, bus routes and transportation, continues to give Polokwane the competitive edge.

The development of the new Regional Mall and shopping complex, the new Medical Faculty at the University of Limpopo and the proposed international convention centre will assist with the continued economic development.