It is public knowledge that Polokwane Municipality has successfully secured a valid and standing court order for the eviction of Park Point, the company previously contracted to manage on-street parking services in the City’s Central Business District (CBD) on the municipality’s behalf.

The standing court order prevents the company from operating, managing and collecting revenue in Polokwane. Despite the clear directives outlined by the court’s decision, it has come to the municipality’s attention that Park Point has issued a public statement declaring their intention to continue with on-street parking operations in Polokwane. This statement by Park Point intends and has potential to confuse motorists and other stakeholders.

Polokwane Municipality wishes to place it on record that the court order remains standing and valid. Any such operations by Park Point, following the court’s eviction order, are unauthorized, illegal, and undermines the authority of the court.

Polokwane Municipality will not be drawn to discuss the legitimacy of Park point’s so-called “appeal” which at this stage is irregularly filed. The municipality has left such to the processes of the courts. However, the municipality can confirm that the court order for Park Point’s eviction remains binding and in operation.

In pursuance of law and order, the municipality will uphold and enforce the court order. Park Point shall not be permitted on the streets of Polokwane, and their presence is in direct contravention of a court order. They were notified formally when their contract was terminated. However, they insisted on occupation and operation until they were formally removed by court order granted on the 12th February 2024.

In light of these developments, the municipality strongly advises motorists within Polokwane to refrain from engaging with Park Point’s on-street parking services or making any payments for these unauthorized parking operations. The municipality will not litigate in the media when the courts are the appropriate forums. Therefore, Polokwane Municipality will not be commenting further on the matter.

The municipality appreciates the cooperation and understanding of all stakeholders including motorists, businesses, residents and visitors.


Issued by Communications and Marketing Unit