#ReagaPolokwane | Polokwane Municipality engages traditional leaders in IDP consultation   Polokwane Executive Mayor, Cllr Makoro John Mpe is spearheading a crucial engagement with traditional leaders as part of the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) consultation process.   The meeting serves as a platform for collaborative dialogue, ensuring that the voices and perspectives of traditional leaders are integrated into the municipality’s strategic planning.   Traditional leaders play a pivotal role in local governance, serving as custodians of cultural heritage and representatives of their communities. Their input in the IDP process ensures that development initiatives are culturally sensitive, socially inclusive, and responsive to the unique challenges faced by different clusters within Polokwane Municipality.   The IDP consultation with traditional leaders highlights the municipality’s commitment to participatory governance and community-driven development.   https://www.facebook.com/share/v/y5Sd7tvvcLdjJMZQ/?mibextid=qi2Omg