Affected ratepayers would have noticed on the recent municipal account statement that is payable by the 25th of June 2024, that an amount has been debited to their account with the wording; “2023/07 – 2024/04 Supplementary valuation”.

Kindly take note that these affected accounts, were not previously billed for assessment rates due to either the property being an empty stand or incomplete development. It has come to the attention of the municipality that these properties are developed and occupied. The occupation of these properties was taken without updating the records at the Municipality’s Revenue Department which resulted in the amount that is back charged in accordance with section 78 of the Property Rates Act 6, of 2004.


The Municipality is offering, on application, a 50% incentive on the back charged amounts. The applications can be lodged at counter 7 in the Civic Centre, Rates Hall.


Terms and conditions will apply.

Issued by Communications and Marketing Unit