Ga-Molepo, 17 June 2024 – Today, in a moving memorial service at Ga-Molepo, the Executive Mayor of Polokwane Municipality, Cllr Makoro John Mpe, paid tribute to the late Ntate John Molepo. The community gathered to honour the life and legacy of a remarkable man whose influence and dedication left an indelible mark on the municipality and beyond.


In his heartfelt address, the Executive Mayor began by expressing his profound respect and connection to the community, the church and the municipality emphasizing that the deep bonds between the municipality and the church were forged through Ntate Molepo’s relentless efforts.


“I stand here with humility in my capacity as the Executive Mayor of the City of Polokwane, where the holy city of Moria is situated.


“It is for this reason that as a city we got closer with the church as a critical stakeholder and embraced it as our spiritual home. This is where we got to interact with Ntate Modupi John Molepo, who leaves us at the age of 94. It was through his efforts that the municipality got to interact with the church.”


His passing at the age of 94 marks the end of an era, but his teachings and contributions continue to resonate within the community.


“His teaching of unity and peace throughout the country within the church defined him as a true soldier for the empowerment of the community that was previously disadvantaged,” the Executive Mayor continued. “I say so because as the minister of the church he surely had influence and a role that he played towards empowering the disadvantaged children through education and health services programmes of the church. We all know that the ZCC is a strong catalyst of education and health services.”


Ntate John Molepo’s legacy is one of profound impact, particularly in education and health services, areas where he tirelessly worked to uplift the community. His leadership and dedication to unity and peace within the church have left a lasting influence, inspiring future generations to continue his mission of empowerment and support for the disadvantaged.


As the community mourns the loss of Ntate Molepo, they also celebrate his life, cherishing the memories and the significant strides he made for the betterment of all. His contributions to education and health have laid a foundation that will continue to benefit many in the years to come.