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            Rendani Maiwashe
         Manager: Risk Manager
          Contact: 015 290 2244


To provide strategic direction for effective risk management process and fraud awareness and prevention services.



Risk Management

  • Facilitate risk assessment in all business units within the municipality and updating the Risk registers
  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the mitigation plans
  • Ensure functionality of the risk management committee and Risk Champions forum.
  • Implementing the Municipal's risk management framework.
  • Facilitate the development and roll out of risk management programmes.
  • Facilitate the development and implementation of a plan to integrate risk management into day-to-day activities of the Business Units
  • Provide advice to stakeholders on risk related matters


Fraud and Corruption


  • Fraud awareness
  • Ensure the development and  implementation of fraud prevention plan
  • Implementing fraud prevention and detection strategies
  • Investigation of all allegations of fraud and writing reports there to.




  1. Whistle blowing policy.pdf
  2. Anti-Fraud and corruption Strategy.pdf
  3. Risk Management Framework.pdf
  4. Risk Management Poster.pdf