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The water shortage experienced by some residential areas in the city and Seshego is expected to come to an end and those found to be contravening the water restrictions will face hefty fines.

The municipality is working together with Lepelle Northern Water (LNW) to ensure that all areas that are affected by the shortage are restored by latest this evening. The LNW has given an undertaking that it will engage another pump to feed Polokwane. According to the estimations of water being pumped through the Krugersburg reservoir should be able to reach a minimum level that would distribute to the affected areas by this evening.

For this to happen without glitches, the municipality appeals to residents and members of the public who currently have supply of water to stop watering their gardens and reserve water for consumption only. This will ensure that water that is pumped into the reservoirs is able to reach levels that generate enough pressure to supply all areas. The community is encouraged to adopt water conserving habits even during periods of normal supply.

The municipality will also enforce the water restriction that prohibits watering of gardens during high periods of high water demand. According to Council resolution, the municipality can issue a fine of R1000 to residents who are watering gardens. Community Safety Officers will be deployed to enforce this resolution.

The shortage is caused by low and some almost empty reservoirs in the past few days as a result of insufficient supply to the city as a result of the Ebenezer and Olifants plants experiencing load shedding over the weekend.  This has been contributing to water shortages in high laying areas within the municipality.

Reservoir levels this morning are reading as follows;

·         Krugersburg 50ML=4.00%

·         Krugersburg 30ML=0.00%

·         Potgieter=5.00%

·         Extension 34=80.00%

·         Seshego=5.00%

The Ebenezer plant is delivering 287 litres per second to Polokwane whilst Olifants/Sand River is delivering 0 litres per second.

The situation got worse on Sunday with some reservoirs drying up. Areas most affected are Seshego, Flora Park, Serala View, Thornhill and some parts of Sterpark, Bendor and Ivy Park. 

Eskom is also engaged to consider not implementing shedding that will affect all the sources at the same time. The municipality will continue to explore means and partnerships that will help provide sufficient water supply to the city.

In the interim, water tankers will continue to be provided to areas that are affected. The tankers will make rounds in the morning and evening.

For more info on water tankers, please contact the municipality’s Water and Sanitation Unit on 015 290 237, 290 2376 or 290 2377

Water distribution points are also available on the municipal website:


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