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Skip Navigation LinksPublic Notice - DECLINING WATER SUPPLY FROM EBENEZER - 11 Aigust 2020

It has come to the attention of the municipality that the Ebenezer Dam water level is quickly declining and the dam is running dry. By weekend, the dam level was below 13%. The situation is worsened by the unprecedented low rainfall experienced in the previous rain season.

The situation at Ebenezer will have serious impact on water supply to all areas of supply, particularly all areas receiving supply from Ebenezer scheme. The supply area consists of the city, urban areas as well as an extensive scale of rural areas. These areas include Mamabolo, Mankweng and the City areas.

The latest average daily supply from this scheme has reduced from 36 mega litres per day to about 20 mega litres per day.

The municipality is currently in consultation with Lepelle Northern Water and the provincial and national government on the situation and will announce plans and measures to be implemented to ensure the remaining supply can sustain until the rainy season. The measures will include restrictive measures.

Members of the public are therefore urged to play their part to conserve the little water that is available by restricting domestic consumption to household use only and use as little water as possible. Use of water for gardening and washing of vehicles is highly discouraged at this stage.

Please practice the following tips to save water:


  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth and washing your hair. You save 9 litres of water.
  • Take a 5-minute shower and save up to 100 litres that baths can use.
  • Flush less when you do and put a 2l bottle filled with water in your cistern.


  • Fix leaky taps – even a slow drip can waste 30 litres a day.
  • If you fill two sinks; one with soapy water and one with warm water for rinsing, this will use less water than a dishwasher.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water to save water and energy.
  • Sweep away leaves and debris rather than using a hose to spray them away
  • Minimise how often you wash your car
  • Put buckets in the shower for runoff water and under drains to catch water during rain for your garden
  • Plant a water-wise garden with indigenous drought-resistant plant.
  • Use a watering can to make sure the water goes where it’s needed.

You can also visit the following websites for more water saving tips:


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