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Skip Navigation LinksPublic Alert - Olifants now supplying to Polokwane - 18 September 2019

Lepelle Northern Water (LNW) has just notified Polokwane Municipality that Olifantspoort plant is now running.


This after a number of stoppages yesterday. The plant was off for several hours due to a damaged coil at low lift pump station yesterday and only managed to operate from 18h30. According to Lepelle Northern Water, the plant was stopped again at 23h00 due to a faulty water cooling system.


However, the latest information from LNW is that the plant is running and it will take a while before the water reaches all the reservoirs because the specon is low.


Polokwane Municipality apologises for the inconvenience and urges all to use water sparingly.


Water helpline: 015 290 2376 / 2629




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