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Skip Navigation LinksMedia Alert - Cable theft affect city electricity - 05 February 2019

The city area has lost electricity supply from Lota substation as a result of cable theft and vandalism.

The substation supplies Serala View, Sterpark, Mall of the North, Thornhill, Savan Mall, Net Care Hospital and parts of Fauna and Flora Park and surroundings.

The technicians have assessed the damage  and in order  to restore electricity as quickly as possible to all affected areas, they will in the meantime replace one line out of the two and one transformer out of the three.

Electricity will therefore be restored without backup and maximum capacity. This comes with a risk of experiencing power outages due to overload.

In order to sustain the supply, once restored, all the affected areas are requested to use electricity sparingly until all the three transformers are put back into service.

It is expected that should everything go according to plan, the power should be restored between 24h00 tonight and around 08h00 tomorrow morning.

Without this approach it would have taken a few days to get all the transformers in operation and to restore power in all affected areas.

The municipality apologise for the inconvenience and will do everything possible to ensure the damage is repaired and electricity restored.

In the meantime all electrical wiring should be considered to be live to avoid injury and all electrical appliances should be switched off to avoid damage.

Electrical call center: 0152902490/2705

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