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EXECUTIVE MAYOR ASCENDS GLOBAL STAGE - 15 November 2019JUST IN | It gives us a great pleasure to announce that the Executive Mayor of Polokwane Municipality and President of South African Local Government Association (SALGA), Cllr Thembi Nkadimeng has just ascended the global stage.
Media Invite - Media launch for Mayoral Charity Golf Day - 15 November 2019The Executive Mayor of Polokwane, Cllr Thembi Nkadimeng will, later this year, host the  annual Mayoral Charity Golf Day to, amongst others, raise funds for charities and  bursaries for the needy and deserving tertiary students within Polokwane...
Media Statement - Farewell to Bauba Cllr Steve Mashabela - 13 November 2019Polokwane Municipality is saddened by the passing on of one of its Councillors and Member of  the Mayoral Committee Cllr Steve Mashabela.
Public Alert - Municipality implements paid on-street parking - 12 November 2019Polokwane Municipality will introduce the on-street parking management for parking in areas within the city to ensure that there is adequate parking for motorists, cleanliness and safety at the parking areas.
Public Alert - Planned water supply shutdown - 12 November 2019Residents and businesses are hereby notified of a planned water supply shutdown from the Olifantspoort Plant on Wednesday, 13 November 2019. This as Lepelle Northern Water (LNW) will be installing high lift pump number 5 on the day.
Media Statement - Demolition of Erf 815 Unit E Mankweng - 07 November 2019Polokwane Municipality is implementing a protracted legal matter regarding illegal land use on a property that was used for business in the main. This is in relation to the demolition of unlawful occupation, erection of unapproved structures...
Special Council Meeting - 11 November 2019Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 19, Chapter 4 of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act. 32 of 2000, that the Special Council Meeting of Polokwane Local Municipality will be held
Public Notice - QUOTATION NO. Q37 of 2019-20 - 6 November 2019Polokwane Municipality is issuing a quotation request for Appointment of a Qualified Service Provider for the Supply, Delivery and Display of Fireworks during the Festive Lights Switching Ceremony to be held at Sebayeng Cluster during December 2019.
Eskom Power Alert - 07 November 2019Eskom Power System Emergency has been declared: 07 November 2019 20h00.  Load shedding stage 2 (22h00-05h00) and Load curtailment stage 2 from 22h00 will be implemented to stabilize the system.
Public Alert - Land opposite Sasol fuel station in Seshego belongs to Polokwane Municipality – occupation is illegalPolokwane Municipality together with other law enforcement agencies are monitoring the illegal land occupation that is happening in Seshego on Mandela Drive opposite Sasol fuel station.
Power Alert - No loadshedding is expected today, and the probability of loadshedding is low for the week - 21 October 2019Monday, 21 October 2019: There is no loadshedding expected today and the probability of loadshedding is low for the week. However, the system remains constrained and vulnerable and any unexpected shift, such as unplanned breakdowns, could result in...
Public Alert - No water supply from Olifants - 20 October 2019
Public Alert - Slight improvement in water supply - 19 October 2019All residents and businesses are notified that there is a slight improvement in terms of water supply to affected areas within Polokwane Municipality.
Public Alert - Water sources still under strain - 18 October 2019Polokwane water sources have not improved due to a numbers of stoppages and inconsistent supply from Lepelle Northern Water from both Ebenezer and Olifantspoort Plants. On the other hand, Ebenezer was loadshed this morning and yesterday affecting supply..
Power Alert - Stage 2 load shedding to be maintained for a greater part of today - 18 October 2019Friday, 18 October 2019: Since the media briefing last night, we have had a major setback as we have lost additional capacity from Medupi power station...
Eskom Alert - Eskom Power System Emergency - 01 October 2019On 17 October 2019 Load shedding stage 2 (09h00-23h00) and Load curtailment stage 2 (09h00-23h00) will be implemented to stabilize the system.​
Public Alert - Water supply affected by LNW’s pipe burst and load shedding - 17 October 2019Lepelle Northern Water has just stopped Olifantspoort Plant due to Specon pipeline burst.  LNW says it will take four hours to repair the pipeline. Normal water supply will be restored once Lepelle Northern Water is done with the repairs.
Public Alert - Eskom Power System Emergency has been declared - 16 October 2019The power system is severely constrained and the Power System Emergency has been declared for 16 October 2019 08h30.  Load shedding stage 2 (09h00-23h00) and Load curtailment stage 1 & 2 (11h00-23h00) will be implemented to stabilize the system.
Public Alert - Severe Thunderstorms - 10 October 2019Warning:10/10/2019 13h00 TO:10/10/2019 15h00 Severe Thunderstorms- are observed over 20km south of Polokwane in the Polokwane and Lepele-Nkumpi LM's with heavy downpours that may result in localized flooding..SAWS
Public Alert - Unplanned power interruptionPolokwane Municipality is working on restoring power supply to Fauna Park, Flora Park and Serala View. This after a contractor working on a water project accidentally cutting power cables from the Sterpark substation again.
Public Alert - Unplanned power outage - 08 October 2019Polokwane Municipality is aware of unplanned power outage affecting Ivydale, Flora Park and Fauna Park. The municipality is working on restoring power supply to the affected areas. In the meantime, all electrical wiring should be treated as live to avoid
Media Statement - Thusong Service Excellence Awards recognize Polokwane official for excellent work - 20 September 2019The City of Polokwane brand received a shot in the arm when Moletjie Thusong Service Centre Manager Matsiri Mokgokong was crowned the 1st Runner Up in the "Outstanding Centre Manager" Category during the Thusong Service Centre Excellence Awards held...
Public Alert - Water sources still under strain - 30 September 2019Polokwane Municipality urges all consumers to use water sparingly for the reservoir levels to stabilise. This appeal comes as reservoirs within the municipality are still under strain. Other areas have already suffered water shortages over the weekend.
Public Alert - Leakages identified on Ebenezer line - 20 September 2019Lepelle Northern Water has, this morning, issued a notice that they have identified three leakage spots on the Ebenezer line.
Public Alert - Reservoir levels under strain - 20 September 209Polokwane reservoir levels are under strain as there is no enough water coming through from Lepelle Northern Water (LNW). Two of our reservoirs in the City are currently empty.
Media Invite - MPAC hearing on institutional performance - 18 September 2019Polokwane Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) will deliver a report during public hearing on the 4th quarter institutional performance to give a broader picture of how the municipality has performed.
Public Alert - Olifants now supplying to Polokwane - 18 September 2019Lepelle Northern Water (LNW) has just notified Polokwane Municipality that Olifantspoort plant is now running.
Public Notice - CITY OF POLOKWANE DRAFT OUTDOOR ADVERTISING BY-LAWS - 2019 - 05 September 2019​Notice is hereby given in terms of the provisions of Section 12(3)(b) of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act (Act No. 32 ​of 2000) read together with Section 152(e) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (Act No. 108 of 1996)
Public Notice - Oral representations - 09 September 2019Members of the public are invited to attend a public participation meeting to make oral representations on the draft City of Polokwane Municipality Outdoor Advertising By-Laws.
Public Alert - Olifants not supplying to Polokwane - 17 September 2019Lepelle Northern Water (LNW) has just notified Polokwane Municipality that Olifantspoort plant is off and not supplying to Polokwane.
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