The ultimate in innovation and sustainable development.

Provision of cost effective services which promote socio-economic development,  a safe and healthy environment through good governance and active community participation.

Polokwane Municipality will strive:
•to provide a reliable, consistent and dependable service
•to respond and be willing to provide efficient service to all clients
•to attain necessary skills and knowledge to render efficient services
•to ensure easy access to the Municipality and the various facilities
•to ensure an effective two-away communication between our clients and ourselves
•to be credible, reliable, honest and trustworthy
•to ensure confidentiality when dealing with customers
•to care for and maintain municipal assets
•to be presentable at all times
•to establish one stop customer care centres
•to establish a 24hr customer care facility

Our customers have the right to:
•accurate measurement of water and electricity consumption
•error-free bills
•be treated with respect
•be dealt with promptly, fairly, efficiently and with respect
•confidentiality of their information
•one stop service
•be involved in issues affecting them