The majority of residents within the municipal area enjoy access to water.  Only 2% of the population does not have access to running water at all hours of the day.

However, since the invitation to participate in the Fifa 2010 World Cup Soccer Tournament, the Municipality has set aside R15 million to address the backlog of water supplies to the unfortunate few who are also entitled to the provision of basic water supplies.

A 50 megalitre reservoir, bulk supply of water to the Peter Mokaba Stadium and an upgrading and revamping of the city’s water system will make a considerable difference to the city and will allow the municipality to drive developmental programmes that would have taken longer than 2010 to implement.

The construction of the De Hoop Dam and Flag Boshielo Dam in the Province will offer huge relief to the booming mining and agricultural sectors.

Limpopo has a varied climate which ranges from arid to sub-tropical regions and is reliant on its rainfalls for water supply to dams, making some regions susceptible to both floods and drought. For this region a well structured plan for water management ensures reliable access for residents and commercial ventures alike.​