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Just a 10 minute drive from the city centre is the entrance to the Polokwane Game Reserve. Covering 3 250 hectares, this scenic reserve is one of the largest municipal reserves in South Africa.

A part of the city, and yet not a part of the city, this game park with its unspoilt bushveld and meandering drives is home to 52 game species. Amongst the favourites are the rare white rhino, sable antelope and giraffe. The centre of the city has a large bronze statue of necking giraffe so the animals association with the city is a special one. The park is also the nesting place of approximately 200 bird species. It is a shining example of preservation of the threatened Pietersburg Plateau False Grassland and plant enthusiasts will discover 110 different grasses, approximately 280 flowering plants and 68 tree species. It is eco-tourism at its best.

A day at rest is enjoying the game viewing, spectacular scenery and lunch at one of the glorious picnic sites. For the restless it is an ideal venue for mountain biking, hiking, and horse trails. Comfortable overnight accommodation is available with self catering chalets for families big and small. A well managed and well equipped caravan site is attached to the park.

Polokwane Game Reserve..rewarding.

Contact details and bookings
 +27 (0)15 290 2331.

Older than the city itself, the Polokwane Golf Course which was founded in 1863 is rated one of the best in South Africa. Over the years this golf course and its stunning club house, the halfway house, have evolved into an icon and with 700 members it is a hive of activity. US Open Champion, Retief Goosen learned to play here and springbok golfers Ray Earle and Callie Swart both hail from the club. Designed to cater for all members of the public the establishment has a bar, braai area and function hall overlooking the ponds and bent grass greens. If golf is your pastime or whether you hanker for a cocktail and barbeque at the pool, Polokwane Golf Course is a must.

Contact details and bookings
 +27 (0)15 295 4118.

Out of the outskirts of Polokwane rises a north african wonderland. It is Meropa Casino. While it is best known for its gaming facilities, which include roulette and blackjack tables and over three hundred slot machines, this entertainment paradise also has a magical bird and snake sanctuary, “Wild Thingz.” Catering for the young folk too, the mini golf or “Putt Putt” course and go kart racing circuit are open during daylight hours.

Jembe Tavern is popular with young and old alike and hosts popular bands, karaoke evenings and comedians for those socialists looking for fun filled, foot tapping evenings. Join hands with the locals, spoil yourself.

Contact details
 +27 (0)15 290 5468

The local bushveld is entrancing and there is no better way to enjoy it than in the company of the team from Nature’s Way Safari’s. Lisa and her team will treat you to an unforgettable bushveld experience. Not to be missed are the game safari’s which include a scrumptious champagne breakfast with wildlife as your companions. For the romantic, a sunset horse safari and candle lit dinner with African Marimba Drums.

;Contact details
 +27 (0)15 263 6473.

A fresh look at yesteryear. Created by a family for the family, The Farmyard Trading Post is charming and an idyllic retreat. Apart from picturesque surroundings the “Farmyard” caters for all ages. Just 5km out of the city centre the trading post, reminiscent of an old colonial homestead and farm, one can enjoy coffee and muffins on the large verandahs while the little ones feed the rabbits, ducks and chickens. An A la carte menu is available and can be enjoyed in lush gardens. Well known for its gourmet cheeses and unusual deli, it is worthwhile investigating their impressive wine cellar and racks filled with home made preserves. Market Day is popular with locals and visitors and the unusual and colourful displays of crafts and treats makes this a visit to be diarised.

A tented conference venue is very popular and also lends itself to a romantic outdoor wedding.

Contact details
 +27 (0)15 263 6452

The Ranch Hotel is home to a pride of magnificent Lions many of whom are celebrities. Apart from charming visitors from around the globe, many of these Kings of the Jungle have appeared in documentaries and movies. Remember the Ghost in the Darkness and The Gods must be Crazy? Despite their celebrity status, these amazing predators are wild and their mighty roars are enough to raise the hair on the bravest of necks.

Take a walk on the wild side in the conservancy, meet the kings, watch their cubs at play, walk with the Lions.

The Ranch Hotel is a family leisure resort and wildlife conservancy that offers something to suit everyone. Set in spectacular gardens with vast expanses of rolling lawns, the hotel, just 20kms south of Polokwane, is the ideal venue for a well earned getaway.

There are a variety of leisure and sporting activities to appeal to all. With four sparkling pools and a relaxing spa pool in the tranquil gardens, a playroom designed to keep children entertained for hours and a gymnasium, it is a retreat with everything to offer.

A world class restaurant, first class accommodation and professional staff ensure an unforgettable stay.

Contact details
 +27 (0)15 290 5000

A great attraction in the city is the Polokwane Bird and Reptile Park. It is one of the largest municipal reserves in the country and is a show piece of colour and singing. Over 280 bird species can be viewed both indigenous and exotic. Aquariums are a delight and home to snakes and lizards and dark pools showcase an array of crocodiles and water birds. Well developed viewing hides and attractive picnic spots make this a tranquil and restful venue and an 18-hole golf course is an attraction to the keen golfer.

Another colourful and spectacular must see is the Moletjie Bird Sanctuary, also home to many bird species. Highly acclaimed internationally, the centre is applauded for its outstanding work in the protection of the rare Cape Vulture.

Just a short drive away, thirty four kilometers west, the Chuene Crocodile Farm makes for an educational outing. A team of experts are free to talk about crocodiles and their watery lifestyles and habits. This breeding centre offers an interesting insight to the reptiles and their value to potential investment.

The amalgamation of the two largest citrus estates in the world makes for a stunning and picturesque venue. Zebedelia is approximately 60kms from the city and its outstanding citrus products are famous through South Africa and the world. A golf club at Zebedelia is both challenging and tempting for the avid golfer.
Under construction at present, this theatre is a “have to see”, a “have to visit.’ Built in the same style as the original farmhouses common on the South African “Plaas”, the theatres host a wide variety of shows, particularly musicals, and attracts the finest of South African musicians. The theatre which is being built in the spectacular grounds of “The Farmyard” is also able to cost conferences and functions. It’s “The Farmyard” with “The Barnyard.”

Contact details
 +27 (0)15 263 6452

The Tropic of Capricorn is the southern boundary of the tropics and marks the furthest point south at which the sun can be seen directly overhead at noon. South Africas position, marginally south of the tropic, dictates that this is a region that is sunny and dry.

The Tropic of Capricorn Monument is a marker surrounded by picturesque mountains and bushveld. The “Koppies” or small mountains are sacred for nearby communities and many traditional clan rituals are held here. The region of Capricorn extends from the Ysterberg (Iron Mountain) between the city and its neighbor Mokopane (formerly Potgietersrus), along the foothills of the Waterberg (water mountain) to the Tropic of Capricorn in the north.

A challenge for the adventurous. Settled at the foot of the legendary Ysterberg Range is a venue with something to offer for all. The Geyser Station on the Rietvlei farm is a cultural delight. An old rail stop and shop, the building has been transformed into a real African residence. Relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the bushveld or adventure out on trails around the mythical mountain on a four wheeler motorbike. Old station houses have been revamped into comfortable overnight accommodation facilities and the hospitality and gatherings around the evening fires are memorable.

Contact details
 +27 (0)15 293 0567

Nothing induces a good nights sleep like laying ones head on a feather pillow or curling comfortable in a down duvet. Just five kilometers out of Polokwane, Golden Goose, will indulge you. The farm that is home to more than 650 geese, is also the home of sweet dreams. Manufacturers of cushions, duvets and pillows fit for a king, Golden Goose will be opening to the public shortly. Each item of luxurious bedding is exclusive and totally home grown. Get down!

Makapan’s Cave between Polokwane and Mokopane famed for its yield of fossils, some of the oldest in the world. It is also a monument to the siege of General Potgieter and the Black tribesmen for 30 days. It was a bloody battle with many killed and Potgieter himself was killed along with 1500 tribesmen. Caving is an interesting adventure and although dark and damp, it is an experience not to be missed.