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City Residents​

Although small in comparison to the vast metropoles in the other South African provinces, Polokwane boasts all the amenities on offer elsewhere in the country, and many more. And it brags of more to come!

As the night stars give way to the azure skies of the morning, the city, one of the fastest growing in the southern hemisphere, comes alive. The population, fascinating in its diversity gets about its business, acutely aware that the city has become the centre for regional economic development in the north. Once talked about, each day one can see the city change as new opportunities unfold. Visitors, particularly foreigners, come to take advantage of the fine weather, magnificent surroundings, investment opportunities, beautiful golf courses. They come to offer skills, to show case their products and to take advantage of those on offer in the capital. They flock in to be a part of history in the making, to the capital close to the world’s largest mines, smelters, trees, game reserves and to experience some of the oldest cultures. Polokwane is an “Aladdin’s Cave”, filled with arts, steeped in cultural diversity, home of famous authors and sportsmen and women. It’s a city characterized by the warm welcome extended to any stranger to the city.

With four large shopping centres and a new multimillion rand regional shopping mall being planned there is no shortage of purchasing opportunities in Polokwane. South Africa is known for its outstanding table and superb fare, and Polokwane is no exception. With cattle ranching forming a large part of the agricultural sector around Polokwane, the finest steaks are always on offer in the many eateries in and around the city. Polokwane is in the centre of the largest diversity of agricultural developments in South Africa. Known for its avocado’s, bananas, maize, tropical fruits and with Limpopo supplying a large percentage of the Johannesburg Fresh Produce Market, it does not matter where you choose to dine the fare will be of the freshest and will impress those with cordon bleu palates.

With its wealth of agricultural resources, tourist attractions and the mineral rich soils around the city, Polokwane with its sophisticated infrastructure and proximity to consumer markets, both within its borders and beyond, is a treasure chest of opportunities. The district is one of the premier hunting destinations in South Africa and opportunities for the development of tanning as well as the processing of meat are vast. Surrounded by vast platinum, gold and diamond developments, to name just a few, opportunities for the manufacture of jewellery are very real and vast timber plantations would open doors for those ready to invest in the manufacture of wooden furniture. Polokwane is naturally the centre and home to Limpopo’s government offices, the financial sector and regional retail and trading.

It’s a beautiful city surrounded by outstanding tree lined suburbs, unusual townships and fascinating rural villages. With the lowest crime statistics in South Africa, it is true to its name “Place of Safety” and its schools, both private and state owned consistently produce good results and its medical facilities are world class.

It’s a destination with a rich cultural legacy where 6 languages, Sepedi, Tshivenda, TshiTsonga, Isindebele, English and Afrikaans are spoken. It’s a city offering many attractions with a number of museums, historical sites, art and photographic museums and entertainment centers’.