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For queries and complaints please contact the SBU on one of the following numbers: 015 290 2373/2374/2372

If you can’t get assistance on all the above contact details, please contact the manager on 015 290 2206
 Pilot Ramothwala
 Email: pilotr@polokwane.gov.za
 Tel (015) 290 2206
 Fax (086) 640 1011
The Roads and Storm Water SBU is responsible for the provision and maintenance of Roads and Storm Water services within Polokwane area of jurisdiction.

This SBU managers a total road network of 6808 km that is made out of 1192 km of paved roads and 5616 km of gravel road as per the recent inventory conducted by I@ Consulting Engineers.

The following but not limited to are provided by the SBU Roads and Storm Water 
•Provision of new road infrastructure and maintenance thereof.
•Provision of new storm water infrastructure and the maintenance thereof.
•Upgrading of existing gravel road to paved roads and the maintenance thereof
•Blading of rural gravel roads.
•Re-graveling of rural gravel roads.
•Provision of low level bridges and the maintenance thereof.
•Provision of Traffic signs, roads markings, street names and the maintenance thereof
•Provision of pot holes patch work, edge breaks, kerb inlet, guard rails, manholes etc.
•Provision of Rehabilitation of old road infrastructure.
•Maintenance of municipal railway sidings
•Alignment of Municipal roads plans with those of RAL and SANRA