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 P. Kabe (Acting)
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The Unit is required to develop, initiate projects and programmes to mitigate or reduce the risk of disaster occurring in vulnerable communities. It is to ensure that the municipality is prepared for any disaster that may occur and that it is able to deal with or address the consequences of the disaster. Disasters are unexpected events that could occur at anytime and they may be natural, technological, biological or environmental. Those most likely to happen are, inter alia; windstorms, floods, epidemics, transport related (road, rail and air crashes), toxic or flammable gas leaks, power blackouts, building or structural collapse, uncontrollable fires, explosions and breakdowns of essential services/supply or a combination thereof.

•Minimize the loss of life and injuries
•Minimize the loss to damage to properties, environment and infrastructure
•Restore disruption of essential services as soon as possible
•Ensure effective risk reduction through disaster preparedness and risk mitigation
•To develop a scientifically based municipal disaster risk profile
•Developing and maintaining emergency plans and procedures
•Creation of risk avoidance behaviour through awareness programmes

•Municipal Wide Disaster Management Plan
•Disaster Management Plan for Peter Mokaba Stadium
•Disaster Management Plan for the Fan Park
•Disaster Management Plan for Seshego and Mankweng Stadiums
•Preparedness Programme
•Awareness Campaigns
•Public Education and Information​