​Local Economic Development

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Contact:  M. Segoa
 015 290 2008

Local Economic Developmet (LED) is tasked with working with local businesses, communities and other stakeholders in creating a conducive environment for the local economy to grow.

  • Enhance Polokwane Municipality’s environment for business growth and expansion
  • Promote SMME development
  • Promote Polokwane Municipality as a destination for businesses, workers and tourists
  • Provide easier access to government services for the business community
  • Increase community capacity to partner with government for long-term economic viability
  • Hawker management
  • Development of trading by-laws and policies to regulate the business environment of the municipality

  • Itsoseng Entrepreneurial Center
  • Cluster Incubation Projects
  • Financial, Technical and Business Management Skills offered
  • Pilot Car wash
  • Cooperatives Development Strategy
  • Agricultural Development Strategy
  • Emerging farmer support programme: land reform projects
  • Feasibility study for the establishment of a Training Institute
  • Establishment of a Training Institute (in partnership with the City of Reggio Emilia)
  • Implementation of emerging contractor programme in line with EPWP
  • Skills development strategy
  • Accreditation of the Centre as training centre
  • Provision of support to community initiatives
  • Capacity building for Hawkers stalls Tenants and other Hawkers
  • LED Forum
  • Technical Committee LED Forum
  • Investment promotion strategy and marketing plan  
  • Business Retention and Expansion
  • Marketing Polokwane as investment and tourism destination
  • Urban renewal programme
  • Economic Development Summit
  • Trade Mission
  • Polokwane Tourism Information Office
  • Tourism growth strategy
  • Community tourism association
  • Feasibility Study to establish Polokwane International Coaching Centre
  • Rural Development Strategy
  • Study on performance of the local Economy and Investment Trends
  • 2010 Readiness programme
  • 2010 Volunteers
  • Tourism Information Centre