IDP and Policy

The compilation of Integrated Development Plans (IDP) by municipalities is regulated in terms of the Municipal Systems Act, (Act 32 of 2000). In terms of Section 25 of the Act, a municipal council must, within a prescribed period after the start of its elected term, adopt a single, inclusive and strategic plan for the development of the municipality. The plan must be reviewed annually and based on the outcome of the review process it “may amend its integrated development plan in accordance with a prescribed process.” The plan guides the municipality in respect of budgeting process and take account of community needs and their priorities in terms of the need identified and service gaps. Consultation with the communities and other stakeholders plays a major role in the development of the IDP.

The IDP Methodology and Consultation process that produced the 2008-2011 IDP Document for the Polokwane Municipality which was done with the compilation of a Framework Plan for the Capricorn District and approved by the Council is detailed in the IDP Document.

Download the IDP Final Document HERE​ and the Draft IDP Document for 2009 HERE