​​Waste Management

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Manager: Phineas Tjikana
015 290 2370

The main objective of the Unit is to render the waste management service according to Service Level Standards, which must be preceded by minimization to ensure a clean and healthy environment to communities. To enable the Unit to perform as required the following needs to be done:

•Revised organogram to ensure a holistic approach to waste management
•Adequate staff compliments (Senior Management, Middle Management, Operators and Loading Teams)
•Adequate fleet resources and its management and repairs
•Waste minimization (reduce, reuse and recycle)
•Storage, collection, transportation and disposal of waste
•Management and removal of illegal dumping
•Awareness and education including law enforcement
•Rural Waste Management Strategy
•Cleaning of public ablution facilities


•1 x Roll on roll refuse truck
•4 x refuse compactor trucks
•4 x Grab trucks
•2 x 10 Ton Tipper trucks
•2 x Front Loaders
•2 x LDV with canopies
•9 M3 Skip containers
•240 litre bins
•1.1.M3 Metal bins
•Pavement Bins
•Swivel Pavement Bins
•30 m3 Skips for Seshego transfer station
•Upgrading of Ladanna transfer station
•Westernburg transfer station
•Construction of new cell
•Rehabilitation of closed parts landfill
•2nd Weighbridge
•Biological Pit
•Extension office​