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Contact:  M.V. Mothapo  015 290 2031 

Development Objectives
•To manage leases of Municipal buildings
•To implement projects using project management techniques
•To ensure that facilities which are constructed are structurally sound, completed on time and are of good quality
•To carry out scheduled maintenance on facilities and ensure that they are well kept
•To ensure that accessibility of services is brought closer to the community


•Civic center alterations (all projects related to the civic centre)
•Animal Pond (SPCA)
•Renovation of offices for housing inspection SBU
•Upgrade infrastructure (Game Reserve)
•Nursery Relocation and Development
•Transfer stations in Seshego, Westernburg and Ladanna
•Sebayeng Library
•Extend Westernburg Library and study area
•Bakone Malapa restaurant
•New offices
•Mankweng Hawkers Centre Phase 3
•Mankweng Taxi Rank and Hawkers Centre
•African Market
•1 X LDV for Factotum unit​