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Polokwane is the capital of the thriving and emerging province that is Limpopo.

The last few years has seen growth in this region which is in excess of the national average and the confidence and investment shown in the agricultural, manufacturing, mining and tourism sectors have resulted in positive growth.

However, the market is by no means saturated and the continued investment and developments in the area have created more opportunites for further investments.

The fact that the Province shares borders with Botswana, Mocambique and Zimbabwe and the strong infrastructure of a stable and economical sound South Africa makes Limpopo, and its thriving business capital, Polokwane the perfect location for access into Southern Africa, a market that is untapped and potentially massive.

The emphasis of the regional planning has been in the realization of good returns on the regions comparative advantages.  In the mining sector a variety of precious metals and mineral deposits are continually being uncovered, and with prices of commodities on the rise, economic sustainability is promising well into the future.
With the bulk of tropical fruits and a wide variety of vegetables grown in the Province and vast areas with agricultural potential, the agricultural sector shows huge promise for growth, both locally and in exports.
Another primary area of comparative advantage is the tourism sector.  There are a wealth of important icons which are being marketed both locally and internationally and with the development of good packages tourism is set to be a leading economic contributor to the Province and to South Africa as a whole.

Polokwane and the province as a whole is a treasure chest of opportunites to exploit and the opportunities for investment and sound returns are vast.  All of this, combined with a hard working, friendly and generous population, a low crime rate, and sound governance makes Polokwane an investors paradise.