Residents of Polokwane predominantly practice Christianity and traditional African faiths. Places of worship are predominantly divided along racial lines, although there is no legislation enforcing this. Most congregations within the city are white, with only a handful of black members. Black people mostly attend church in the city’s adjoining townships.

Christian charismatic churches are mushrooming rapidly in and around Polokwane and are mostly ministered by foreign nationals coming from Brazil, Nigeria, the US and Uganda.

Churches have a long history of bringing education to the city and its surrounding villages. Some of the Christian schools in operation include Jabez Christian Academy, Eagle’s Nest Christian school and Blue Mountain College.

Local Indians and Arabs mostly subscribe to Islam and come together with Somali refugees in mosques for their prayers.

Zion Christian Church

The Zion Christian Church, or ZCC, is the largest church initiated in Africa, with a following of more than 4 million members. The home of the ZCC is at Zion City Moria outside Polokwane. The ZCC Easter Festival attracts more than a million pilgrims each year.